Leica M525 F50 Stand


Leica M525 Surgical Microscope  F50 stand for sale, for Spine Surgery Dual Binocular, with Assistant's microscope, Leica ULT500 Bridge Leica 10730542 Camera for Recording 15” Display

multi-purpose surgical microscope combining cost-efficiency and convenience.
The well-proven microscopic optical system Leica M525 in combination with the new Leica F50 floor stand and special accessories - XY positioning module, FL800 fluorescent module, expanding front WD lens f = 218-535 mm, video system holder, etc. engineering, ideally suited to the current needs of ENT and plastic reconstructive surgery.

Such as the fluorescence module Leica FL800, BrightCare, HD documentation, and others, make it the ideal microscope for procedures in Neurosurgery, Spine, Otolaryngology, and Plastic Reconstructive.

Leica M525 Surgical Microscope F50 stand Technical Specifications
M525 Surgical Microscope:

  • Optics rotation: 540
  • Lateral tilt: 45 left / 45 right
  • Frontal tilt: -30 / +120
  • Locks: 1 lock for A / B-axis, 1 lock for C-axis
  • Indicator: LED for displaying fluorescence mode, LED for displaying video recording mode
  • Block-XY (optional): Motorized, positioning range 62? 62 mm, with automatic reset

F50 Floor-Stand:

  • A type: Manual balancing of the swing arm and optical block holder
  • Control block: The second generation of Leica intuitive touch panel technology. Latest electronic controls for continuous monitoring of all micromotor functions and light intensity. The data is displayed on the LCD. Built-in BrightCare ™ technology: synchronizes light intensity and changing working distance. Intelligent setting system ISUS, menu control based on unique software, built-in electronic self-diagnostics and user support. Software independent light and power switch. Indicator for main / backup lighting and fluorescence mode. Open architecture for future software development
  • Pistol grips: 10-functional handles, control of the zoom position, focusing, control of 6 electromagnetic locks, side button for programming a user-selected lock, motorized side tilt and XY-positioning, control of DI C500 functions. Except for the unlock button for all locks, the rest of the buttons are freely programmable
  • Foot switch: 12 function pedal
  • Integration of documentation: Prepared for integration with video and digital recording systems. Open architecture
  • Connectors: Numerous built-in connectors for video, IGS and control data. Internal power supply DC 12V, DC 19V and AC connections
  • Maximum load: 10 kg accessories for the microscope
  • Monitor holder: Length 500 mm, flexible arm with 2 axes for rotation and tilt, required for attaching an additional video monitor
  • Coating: AgProtect antibacterial coating
  • Maximum projection of the bearing bar: 1510 mm
  • Vertical travel range: 795 mm
  • Minimum transport height: 1950 mm
  • Weight: 360 kg (maximum configuration)


  • Leica ULT500: 180 stereo bridge, 40% luminous flux each for the surgeon and the assistant, 20% luminous flux for the lateral assistant or video system
  • Assistant's microscope: Double stereo bridge 70-30%, stereo attachment for the second observer to the beam splitter
  • beam splitter: 50-50% or 70-30%
  • Binocular tube: Variable tilt angle 0-180, variable tilt angle 30-150
  • Video adapter: Handheld Leica F 55-107mm with fine focus, Leica Remote F 55-107mm with fine focus, Zoom 3:1 F 35-100mm with precise focusing, Dual Leica NIR F 60.6-79.5mm with precise focusing
  • Image projection: Leica DI C500 - dual projection head for displaying correlated and uncorrelated data with a high resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels, 256 grayscale
  • IGS interface/ compatibility: Open architecture for IGS systems
  • Fluorescence (optional): Leica FL800
  • Asepsis: Sterilizable protective glass on the lens; sterilizable protective components for all handles, covers
  • Laser: Adapters supplied by laser manufacturers
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