Zeiss Opmi Pentero


ZEISS Opmi Pentero Surgical Microscope for sale, fully functional and in excellent condition, regular service and maintenance, Comes with second scope for co-surgeon/ assist. This is a patient ready microscope for Neurosurgery operating at full factory specifications.

Zeiss OPMI Pentero Specifications:
    Integrated Digital Video System 3 CCD
    Zeiss Pentero optics
    ”Face to Face Bridge”
    2 x binocular head with adjustable angle from 0 to 180 degrees
    Visual focusing aid with two converging laser spots
    Auto-Balance - AutoBalance of the microscope, suspension system or entire system by pushing a button
    MultiVision System - Integrated data display with shutter function
    AutoDrape System - Integrated vacuum system to remove air from sterile drape for fast and easy draping
    Floor Stand

    Motorized zoom, apochromatic, 1:6 ratio
    Magnification of the eyepieces: 10x
    Varioskop - Multifocal lens, 200mm – 500mm variable working distance
    2 x Inclined binocular head with adjustable angle from 0 to 180 degrees
    Type of Focus: Superlux 330 - Xenon: 300 W
    Adjustable light intensity
    Microscope AutoBalance independent of position or accessories
    Magnification dependant automatic brightness adjustment
    Power supply: 115/230 V / 50-60 Hz

State-of-the-art apochromatic optics deliver the legendary crystal-clear images, sharp details and natural colors associated with Carl Zeiss. The innovative optical design, with Varioskop® technology, provides a large working range and virtually ensures comfortable working conditions – even when using long instruments. Also, the depth of field perception can be doubled by activating the DeepView function. The high-speed autofocus feature automatically delivers razor-sharp images at all times, regardless of magnification. During manual focusing an intuitive laser-focusing aid assists in selecting the exact focal point – particularly helpful when using the mouth switch.

Zeiss OPMI Pentero Features:
    Electrically controlled microscope via electromagnetic brakes
    High-end optics with high depth of field
    Smooth adjustment of zoom and focus
    Auto balance

Weight: 325 kg

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