Zeiss OPMI Lumera T S88


ZEISS OPMI Lumera T Surgical Microscope S88 stand for sale, In excellent working condition. lightly used with strict adherence to regular service and maintenance, This is a patient ready microscope operating at full factory specifications.

Main microscope: 3.5x - 21.0xat working distance of 200 mm and with 10x eyepieces
Motorized zoom system with apochromatic optics, 1:6 zoom ratio
Focusing: Motorized, focusing range 50 mm
At the press of a button, the focusing drive moves to the starting position of the focusing  range.
Objective lens focal Length: f = 200 mm (option: f = 175 mm)

Main microscope: 180° tiltable binocular tube, f = 180 mm
12.5x widefield eyepieces (option: 10x) with magnetic coupling.

Integrated assistant's microscope
5-step magnification changer, separate fine focusing system, adjustable tilt.
Binocular tube, rotatable by ±12° about the optical axis,
10x widefield eyepieces with magnetic coupling

Light guide socket for fiber optic illumination, optionally
Halogen or Superlux Eye (xenon)
Filter against UV exposure
Protection against IR exposure

Swing-in stops: Patented retinal protection device

The Lumera T surgical microscope has been designed for the magnified visualization of the field of view during surgical procedures in ophthalmology.  
The illumination system of the surgical microscope features red reflex illumination and surrounding field illumination, providing very effective illumination of the field of view and optimum visualization of the red reflex.

The illumination system of the Lumera T microscope contains a UV blocking filter as a standard feature.
This helps the surgeon to reduce the risk of phototoxic retinal injury in the patient.

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