ZEISS OPMI Lumera i S7


ZEISS OPMI Lumera i Surgical Microscope S7 stand for sale, In excellent condition. This is a patient ready microscope operating at full factory specifications.

ZEISS OPMI Lumera i Surgical Microscope S7 stand Includes:

  • Halogen Illumination
  • 0-180 binoculars
  • 10X widefield push-in eyepieces
  • Objective f=175mm APO 65mm
  • Ethernet Interface OPMI Lumerai 1gbit
  • 14 function footswitch
  • Beam splitter 20
  • Video lens f=60mm with C-mount
  • Integrated Ikegami MKC-230 full HD Camera and Video Field Converter VC-50HD.
  • ZEISS OPMI Lumera i Surgical Microscope Set up for cataracts. 

Using microscopes OPMI Lumera i manufactured ophthalmic microsurgical operations according to the testimony. Scope - various forms of eye diseases (cataract, glaucoma, myopia, hyperopia, retinal detachment, etc.)

ZEISS OPMI Lumera i Surgical Microscope S7 stand Specifications:
- Optics: Apochromatic optics
- Increasing: ZOOM system 1: 6 apochromatic optics, g = 0.4 to 2.4; f = 200 mm eyepieces 12,5h - 4.3x - 25,5h
- Focusing: Focusing smooth electromotive within 50 mm; focus actuator is moved to its initial position by pressing
- XY coupling: New lightweight XY coupling, range of motion 61h61mm increase speed doubled, the light inside the button turns off when you return to the starting position, the automatic centering of the push of a button, switching the direction of movement through the foot control
- Innovative system: The control system depth image. With the push of a button, the ability to work on front and rear segment of the eye.
- Lighting: SCI - Stereo - coaxial illumination, fiber optic, halogen.
Types of lighting:
1.Osveschenie "red reflex"
2.Osveschenie "red reflex" with ambient background lighting
3.Osveschenie surrounding background - lighting of sight when not needed red reflex
4. Lighting surrounding background with the diaphragm to protect the retina - prevents the penetration of light into the pupil, the patient's eye additional protection
- Filters: built-in 408 nm UV protective filter; GG475 yellow filter; KK40 daylight filter; Retinal protection filter.
- Tube: Tube turning 180 °,  F - 170 mm, complete with asepsisem.
- Assistant Microscope: Stereo observation for assistant inclined viewing tube and eyepieces 12.5 x
- Beam splitter: Beam splitter 50
- Lens: f = 200mm
- Eyepieces: Shirokougolnye12,5h,  with diopter adjustment of ± 5 / -8
- Tripod S7: Roll, floor;
1.Sensornaya control panel on a tripod, display and adjustment of the basic functions (increasing the intensity of illumination, XY movement), as well as stores in the selections for the nine members;  
2. Multifunction programmable foot, a new lightweight design, can be a wireless, detachable cable, the controller 14 functions; movable mushroom joystick to control the XY coupling.
The control unit is integrated into the camera tripod.
- Spring console: The length of at least 750 mm,  The angle of rotation of at least 296 °
- Bracket: The length of at least 450 mm,  Rotation angle not less than 360 °
- Stand height: not less than 1730 mm
- The base (dimensions): no more than 640 x 640 mm
- Maximum weight load spring console: up to 14 kg (all microscope equipment, including accessories)
- Asepsis: Rubber repeatedly sterilized caps;
- Ergonomics: Internal cables and optical fibers, totally enclosed surface structure
- Zap. parts: Spare halogen lamps - 2 pieces.
- Stand height: 1730 mm
- The base of the tripod: 640h640 mm
- Total weight: 190 kg

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