Moller-Wedel Hi-R 1000 FS4-20

Moller-Wedel Hi-R 1000 Surgical Microscope FS4-20 stand, excellent cost, high-performance, and highest class.

Price : $ 9500 In stock!

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Moller-Wedel Hi-R 1000 Surgical Microscope FS4-20 stand, manufacture 2004, high-performance, highest class.
Perfect microscope for Neurosurgery, ENT, orthopedics, plastic surgery, transplant surgery, urology.

* This system is in very good condition, 6 month warranty.
* 100% functional, the genuine plastic cover still in the stand body.

Moller-Wedel Hi-R 1000 Surgical Microscope FS4-20 stand includes:
- Hi-R1000 surgical microscope
- Floor stand FS4-20 (built-in xenon light source 300W)

-Unique drive system SensoServo, which retains the microscope in a balanced position in all the configuration and optical parts.
-Power zoom 1:6
-Diaphragm for protection from blinding light
-Control depth
-RS232 interface for interacting with your navigation device
-Computer control all motorized functions
-Optional: ICG fluorescence and ALA

The perfect microscope for neurosurgery Moller Hi R-1000, which is constantly in a balanced State. Floor standing tripod FS 4-20 Moller microscope and Hi-R 1000 SensoServo technology ensures a stable position system even when changing accessories.