Leica M822 F20 Stand


Leica M822 Surgical Microscope F20 stand for sale, Microscope for ophthalmic surgery with unsurpassed red reflex.

Dual illumination system with an LED for the main light and halogen for unsurpassed and stable red reflex. This innovative illumination system, combined with world class Leica optics, provides surgeons with unprecedented vision to perform surgery more precisely and efficiently.

Leica M822 Surgical Microscope F20 stand Technical Specifications
M822 Surgical Microscope:
Magnification changer: APO-Zoom 6:1, motorized, with 2 separate beam paths
Magnification 3.5× – 21× (WD 175 mm, 10× eyepieces)
Optics APO-chromatic corrected optics
Field diameter 7 mm – 80 mm
Working distance 175 mm, 200 mm, and 225 mm
Focus range 54 mm, motorized, with automatic reset
Eyepieces Widefield eyepieces for eyeglass wearers (8.33×, 10×, 12.5×)
Dioptric setting ±5 with adjustable eye cup
Objective Leica OptiChrome™, WD 175 mm, APO
Leica OptiChrome™, WD 200 mm, APO
Leica OptiChrome™, WD 225 mm, APO
(WD = working distance)

Main lamp LED
Coaxial OttoFlex™ Two halogen lamps 12 V / 50 W
Quick-change lamp mount
With two 12 V / 50 W halogen lamps for coaxial OttoFlex™

F20 Floor-Stand:
Type Floor stand with 3 friction brakes
Balancing Continuously adjustable gas spring
Load Max. 11.5 kg accessories attached to the microscope
Reach Max. 1480 mm
Vertical range 650 mm
Transport height Min. 1940 mm
Weight Approx. 270 kg as a fully configured system
XY-unit Motorized, movement range 50 × 50 mm, with automatic reset
Tilt mechanism Motorized, +15° / –50°
Hand / foot switches
16- or 12-function foot switch with controls arranged longitudinally or transversally, wired or wireless 12-function hand switch
Control unit Two-in-one display: control and video display in one. The latest electronic control for the continuous governing of all motor functions and the light intensity. Data shown by means of LCD, with adjustable contrast and brightness. Operation by modern touchpanel control. ISUS™ Intelligent Setup System, menu selection based on unique software for user specific configuration, with built-in electronic auto-diagnosis and user support.

Assistant attachment
Stereo assistant attachment
Beamsplitter 50% / 50%, 70% / 30%, Leica Rotatable Beamsplitter
TV / Photo Leica HD C100 high-definition medical grade camera
Leica 2D video systems
Leica MDRS4 digital recording system
Leica Zoom Video Adapter (VA) f = 35 – 100 mm,
Manual VA 55/70 mm, Remote VA 55/70 mm
Photo/TV dual attachment: f = 60/85/107 mm for TV,
f = 250/350 mm for 35 mm camera
Photo tube f = 250/350 mm
Leica RUV800
Interface for Oculus SDI / BIOM
Inverters (interface) AVI, SDI, OIVSL, ROLS
Laser interface Interface to fit various commercially available lasers,
adapters available from laser suppliers
Slit lamp Motorized travel ±23°, slit width 0.01 – 15 mm,
length 3 – 15 mm, rotatable 180°, quick-lamp changer
Keratoscopy Leica Keratoscope with 50 LEDs
Imaging Leica DI C800 high resolution true color digital imaging module for
data display, 1024 × 768 pixel resolution
IOL Placement Leica ToricEyePiece
Binocular tubes Variable angle 0° – 180°
Variable angle 30° – 150°
Variable angle 10° – 50° UltraLow™ III
Variable angle 10° – 50°
Variable angle 5° – 25°
Inclined angle 45°
Asepsis Sterilizable protective glass for the objective, sterilizable components for all drive knobs, commercially available drapes
Network (optional) DICOM compatibility for both videos and still images, archiving
to patient records with Leica MDRS4 / Med X Change HDMD®
HD Imaging

Electrical data:
Power supply F20 100–240 V, 50/60 Hz, 400 VA
Power supply F40 /
C40 / CT40
100–240 V, 50/60 Hz, 300 VA
Safety class / Type Class 1

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