Zeiss Visulas Yag III


Zeiss Visulas Yag III Therapeutic Laser for sale, Excellent Condition, Manufacture 2010, Only Lightly Used, Patient Ready Condition, Very clean

Zeiss Visulas Yag III Laser for sale includes:

  • Factory Power Table
  • Manual
  • Accessories

Precision laser workstation for secondary cataract and glaucoma therapy

Zeiss Visulas Yag III Therapeutic Laser- Cataract brings together third-generation optical experience,  technological excellence and a deep understanding of practical applications. Its superbly focused yet gentle cutting action has earned the device its reputation as the  “sensitive scalpel” amongst secondary cataract Laser.

The New Dimension of Disruption
The VISULAS YAG III is a state-of-the-art photodisruption laser system with practice-oriented features. It includes a high-visibility touch screen for menu-guided operation, and combines the finest optic and laser technologies, including the Zeiss Super-Gaussian YAG beam for minimized energy exposure, 4-point aiming beam and posterior/0/anterior focus shift 

- Integrated Zeiss Laser Slit Lamp with precision optics
- Maximum ease of use with the lowest amount of patient stress.
- High pulse repetition frequency of 2.5Hz enables fast procedures.
- Super-Gaussian beam profile allows typical clinical procedures to be performed with less energy - Optical breakdown can be achieved with as little as 2.5mJ (in air).
- 4-point aiming beam - allows for precise focusing and indicates any astigmatic distortion, allowing for energy adjustments before firing the laser.
- Variable focus shift: 0, +150µm, -150µm.
- Ergonomic design guarantees unobstructed visual contact with the patient and free access to the eye.
- The control console contains a large illuminated display for menu-guided operation.

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