Zeiss Visulas Yag III

Zeiss Visulas Yag III Therapeutic Laser for sale, lightly Used Year 2007, Pre-owned patient Ready Condition, Very clean

Price : $ 8000 In stock!

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Zeiss Visulas Yag III Therapeutic Laser for sale, Excellent Condition, Manufacture 2007, Only Lightly Used, Patient Ready Condition, Very clean

Zeiss Visulas Yag III Therapeutic Laser for sale includes:

  • Factory Power Table
  • Manual
  • Accessories

Zeiss Visulas Yag III Therapeutic Laser- Cataract brings together third-generation optical experience,  technological excellence and a deep understanding of practical applications. Its superbly focused yet gentle cutting action has earned the device its reputation as the  “sensitive scalpel” amongst secondary cataract Laser.