Topcon CV-5000

Topcon CV-5000 Automated Phoroptor for sale, Used year 2010, pre-owned patient ready working condition, very clean

Price : $ 7250 In stock!

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Topcon CV-5000 Automated Phoroptor for sale, Used manufacture 2010, pre-owned patient ready Condition, Very clean unit

Topcon CV-5000 Automated Phoroptor Package sale includes:

  • Body (Comp Vision CV-5000)
  • 1x dial controller KB-50
  • Alignment emitter communication system CS-880
  • Miracle chart MC-3
  • Autorefractometer RM-8900

Feeling of pressure is reduced in the [current] model refract meter RM-8900 is also set product viewing angle 35 ° that came with, it is comfortable and speedy refraction (vision) measurements can be eye system.