Tomey OA-1000 Optical


Tomey OA-1000 Optical Biometer Set for sale includes Trolley and Electric optical bench CS-250. Manufacture 2010, Patient Ready Condition Condition

Tomey OA-1000 Optical Biometer provides non-contact and non-invasive measurement of the axial length (Axial), anterior chamber depth (ACD) and central corneal thickness (CCT) based on the principle of a low coherence interferometer.

Used for the previous cataract surgery examination, specifically is what to accurately measure the length from the surface of the eye to the back (the eye axis). Measurements of axial length one eye will be a short period of time in the 10 data (maximum) acquisition of about 5 seconds. Therefore even in patients fixation it is difficult, it is possible to measure.

Tomey OA-1000 Optical Biometer Features:

  • Auto alignment + auto shot
  • Auto detection of optical axis
  • Dense Cataract mode
  • Communicates with Tomey topography and ultrasound Biometer
  • Integrates Ray Tracing
  • Calculation (Okulix)

Tomey OA-1000 Optical Biometer Specifications:

  • Type of light source: super luminescent diode (SLD) Wavelength: 820 ~ 850nm
  • Output: 450µW
  • Alignment: Auto / manual axial length measurement measuring principle: light interference measurement range: 14 ~ 40mm
  • Display resolution: 0.01mm
  • Anterior chamber depth measurement
  • Measuring principle: light interference measurement range: 1.5 ~ 7.0mm
  • Display resolution: 0.01mm
  • Corneal thickness measurement measuring principle: light interference measurement range: 200 ~ 1200µm
  • Display resolution: 10µm
  • Dimensions and weight 307 (W) × 493 (D) × 466 (H) mm / 19kg
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