Tomey CASIA 2 3D OCT


Tomey CASIA 2 Anterior ocular segment 3D OCT Package for sale, Used manufacture 2016, pre-owned patient ready Condition, Very clean unit.

Tomey CASIA 2 Anterior ocular segment 3D OCT Package sale includes:

  • · Main body
  • · Electric optical stand CT-700
  • · PCOS: Windows 8



  • Testing application for Cataract / Glaucoma / Cornea Surgery
  • Glaucoma angle analysis (360°)
  • Advanced imaging with high resolution and deep scanning depth (13 mm)
  • Very fast scanning speed (50.000 A-scan/sec)
  • Corneal topography + IOL choice & calculation
  • Lens shape analysis & trend analysis
  • Phakic IOL simulation


OCT (anterior ocular segment three dimensional optical coherence tomography) anterior ocular segment
This  OCT anterior ocular segment which enables non-contact/ non-invasive 3D anterior segment imaging.
state-of-the-art inspection system that measures the cross-sectional image up to the lens and the shape of the cornea with an inspection method with little risk of infection.


Download Tomey Casia 2 3D OCT

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