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Optos Daytona Retinal Imaging System for sale, Manufacture 2013, Like new, lightly used, patient ready, come includes instrument with tablet complete

Optos Daytona Retinal Imaging System In less than a second more than 200 degrees of the retina are captured in a high resolution image. Allows the patient to avoid being dilated in most cases!

Item only includes instrument with tablet complete.
* like new, lightly used.

Optos Daytona Retinal Imaging Systemproduces a 200° single-capture optomap® retinal image of unrivaled clarity in less than ½ second. This fast, easy, patient friendly, ultra-widefield (UWFTM ) imaging technology was designed for healthy eye screening and has been shown to improve practice flow and patient engagement.

Enhances Clinical Decision-making
Evaluation of the peripheral retina is critical for optimal patient management.1 optomap imaging is ideal for peripheral examinations. Published studies comparing field of view and clinical utility of various widefield imaging systems confirm optomap captures the widest clinically usable field of view and the most retinal pathology. 2, 3, 4

Improves Practice Efficiency and Economics
Studies show that optomap images are faster to capture and easier to review than traditional patient examination techniques.5, 6 A recent study found a 28 minute (33%) reduction in patient visit duration after implementing centralized optomap imaging.7 optomap enables practitioners to differentiate their practice and add an additional revenue stream.

Daytona comes with OptosAdvance an easy to use, browser-based software for documentation, monitoring, and referral processing to facilitate patient management and improve practice flow. OptosAdvance offers an auto-montage tool to quickly capture and merge a series of images into a single 220° montage showing 97% of the retina. The software also includes tools for accurate distance and area measurements even in the far periphery

Daytona is a scanning retinal imaging instrument that is able to take ultra-wide images of a patient’s retina. The Optos Daytona uses special technology to capture retinal images as if it were taking them from inside the eye.Daytona is smaller and still provides ultra-high resolution imaging, and adding ultra-widefield autofluorescence capabilities

This device can take around a 200-degree image of the retina in one image and can capture the picture in less than one second. Most cameras can only capture the posterior pole (that include the macula and optic nerve head), but the Daytona can view the peripheral retina as well. The Daytona is easy for patients to use. A patient sits in front of the machine and an icon lights up in green when he or she is in the correct position for the camera. The device captures the image automatically and leaves the doctor available to focus on the patient and not on the screen.


  • Non-mydriatic, non-contact imaging through 2 mm pupils and many cataracts.
  • High image resolution shows fine detail across the retina (optic disc, macula and periphery).
  • Autofluorescence imaging with green laser light displays lipofuscin in the RpE.
  • Eyesteering further extends the field of view past the vortex vessels, in some cases.
  • Stereo disc imaging.
  • 3D Wrap for patient education.
  • DiCOM compatible.
  • Innovative software tools enhance image evaluation.
  • Images are available immediately and stored electronically for future comparison or for use in telehealth applications.

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