Olympus VISERA Elite CYF-VHA

Olympus VISERA Elite Endoscopy CYF-VHA for sale, Used year 2012 excellent condition

Price : $ 18200 In stock!

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Olympus Evis Lucera Elite Endoscopy CYF-VHA complete, Manufacture 2012, In excellent condition.

Bladder Renal Pelvic Video Scope CYF-VHA The most advanced model of the endoscope videoscope system for domestic aiming to further improve observation performance, operability

  • Processor OTV-S190
  • Light source device CLV-S190
  • Trolley
  • High Resolution LCD Monitor OEV-260H
  • Bladder renal pelvic video scope CYF-VHA

* excellent and still like new condition.