Olympus Evis Lucera Spectrum 2 Scope


Olympus Evis Lucera Spectrum Endoscopy with 2 scope Includes:

  • Processor CV-260SL
  • The light source device CLV-260SL
  • Upper gastrointestinal videoscope GIF-XP260N
  • Upper gastrointestinal videoscope GIF-XP260
  • Trolley, LCD monitor, color printer · DVD RAM recording device · EICP-D HDTV

* Lamp usage time: 35h
* Voltage: AC 100V
* excellent condition.

Addition to the normal light observation, it is EVIS LUCERA SPECTRUM system also corresponding to the NBI observation.
Depending on the combination of the video scope, AFI, also IRI of various observation is possible.

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