Olympus Evis Lucera Elite GIF-XP290N


Olympus Evis Lucera Elite Endoscopy GIF-XP290N complete, Manufacture 2013, In excellent condition.
Upper gastrointestinal videoscope GIF-XP290N this with observed performance, top-of-operability and insertion performance, domestic endoscope aimed at further improvement of operational efficiency videoscope system.

- Processor CV-290
- The light source device CLV-290SL
- LCD Monitor LMD-1951MD 1 single
- LCD Monitor LMD-1951MD 1 single (with stand), Mobil workstation WM-NP2, And water supply equipment OFP-2.
- Carbon dioxide air supply unit UCR
- Upper gastrointestinal videoscope GIF-XP290N.

also includes following scope:
- Upper gastrointestinal videoscope GIF-HQ290 (PN No.109047)
- Colon videoscope CF-HQ290I (PN No.109048)

* excellent and still like new condition.

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